About Me

Just a little about myself and what I have to offer!

About me…

My name is Michelle and I have always loved escaping into my art. I have been practicing art in all sorts of mediums for the past 30 years. In between raising a family and a busy life I have accomplished a diploma of fine arts, Diploma of Art Therapy, attended intense courses with numerous artists and completed several commission pieces. I value what art does for your mind and this is the base reason for me wanting to encourage more people to do the same.

My studio, Elemental Shell has become a beloved art space where classes are frequently held, including Shiraz Palette sessions. Please have a look if you’d like to know more at elementalshell.com

What The Shiraz Palette is….

The Shiraz Palette is a social gathering, where you’ll be provided with the equipment, instruction and atmosphere to explore your artistic side. You’ll be patiently taken through your painting with lots of helpful encouragement. I prefer to have a more intimate setting with no more than 12 painters so as to provide everyone with the best experience.

You don’t need experience at all! This is a fun way to relax and unwind.

If you would like to host a Shiraz Palette evening at your home or workplace, then we would be more than happy to discuss bookings with groups of 4 or more artists.